iamb ~ poetry seen and heard

iamb ~ poetry seen and heard

“They say the sincerest form of flattery is imitation. Let’s hope, then, that those behind The Poetry Archive – this project’s inspiration – are flattered, sincerely, by what we’re building here: a place for more poetic voices to be heard … literally.”

~ Mark Antony Owen, Creator & Curator, iamb~ poetry seen and heard February 2020 

iamb~ poetry seen and heard is one man’s vision to make poetry more accessible by creating a digital sound library. A mix of emerging and established poets read exclusive and previously published poems as part of Mark Antony Owen’s poetry library/quarterly journal.

I was delighted have my poems, Echo, I am turning into all the mothers and Folk Festival, 1982, included in Wave Seven, released in September 2021.

You can hear all of the poets from wave seven here.

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