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Telling tales at Crediton Arts Centre this autumn

Have you ever felt that you had a story to tell but didn’t know where to begin? A new six week course of creative writing workshops is starting at Crediton Arts Centre on September 8th and it might be just the help you need to start getting your story on to the page.

Led by local writer Ysella Sims, each week the group will explore different themes such as home, memory and family as well as looking at what motivates us to write. 

Ysella Sims said: “Writing can be a real boost for wellbeing and belonging to a group can help to inspire and motivate us to keep going. It’s also a great way to make new friends! I believe that everybody has a story to tell and in the workshops we use writing prompts to uncover our stories.

Although people often feel nervous about it, writing can be a brilliant way to process thoughts and emotions or to pass on a family story. I think that we’re all creative and that finding a way to express it always makes us feel better.”

Ysella has been leading life writing workshops in the Crediton area since the spring and recently took part in Crediton Heart Project’s Summer Programme. She said: “It was such a fantastic opportunity to help people begin to unpick the strands of their stories and to see them going away feeling more confident about their writing.

The summer programme itself was a real gift to the local community. The Crediton Heart Project team worked so hard to make it happen and shone a spotlight on the wealth of creativity in the area. There’s certainly the appetite for more creative programmes and opportunities like this.”

The course starts on September 8th and runs until October 20th, with options to attend all 6 sessions or to drop in for individual sessions.

To book a place or to find out more email ysella@truthanddare.uk or visit the website www.truthanddare.uk

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