you are here

you are here

A collection of poems about belonging, landscape, language and memory

The future lies that way to me (west)… and the earth seems more unexhausted and richer on that side.

From ‘Walking’ by David Henry Thoreau

Made almost an island by the rivers Tamar and Tavy, the Bere Peninsula is a place of wild beauty & challenging isolation, of hardship & hard work, dynamite-shocked copses & flower-filled verges. In my debut pamphlet of poems I chart the routes of belonging there and explore the link between landscape, language, memory and identity.

You can buy a copy for £5 = £1.50 p+p here

Reading from you are here at Taking the Mic in Exeter ( & feeling rather giddy at being back amongst friends in RL)

Collaborating with Luca at Share in the Square, Crediton and reading from you are hereCathedral, The gathering and Ysella

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