About me

I like unearthing the stories that need telling and finding the best way to tell them, whether that’s through sound, visual storytelling or on the page. I love to empower and support writers and performers and can help you to find your story and the courage, confidence and tools to tell it.

I’m a creative communications professional, writing all manner of copy from the scientific to social media posts through to celebration of the sublime, and have had work published in local, regional and national outlets.

I founded truth & dare events in 2021 to provide a platform for people with something to say. We’ve found a home for our poetry events at The Lamb Inn in Sandford, but facilitate poetry and creative writing workshops at Crediton Arts Centre and The White Room Creative Space.

My first poetry pamphlet, you are here, was published with our very own fledgling imprint, Sandrock Press in 2021. You can find out more and buy a copy here.

I live in a falling down house outside Exeter with a husband, daft dog, dribbly cat and three hens who foster not-so-secret plans for world domination.

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“Ysella has a supportive and collaborative approach to teaching which allows those she works with to find their own voice and grow and develop in a way that is true and sustainable. She’s genuinely excited by the work of others so you feel her full engagement and encouragement when she offers advice and direction.”Emily Debney, Teacher and Co-Founder of Limelight Creative Learning Workshop

“I was lucky enough to be invited by Ysella to read and to run a workshop. In addition to being a professional, welcoming and lively host and a passionate, committed poet, she is that rare thing: a creative but meticulous organiser. Heartily recommended.”Jacqueline Saphra, Poet and Teacher

“Ysella is skilled at getting to the heart of what does or doesn’t work about a piece of writing. She provides thoughtful, insightful advice to help shape your work. She doesn’t try to push her writing preferences or style onto you, but rather helps to bring out the best in your writing while keeping your voice intact.”Zoe, Creative Writing Masters Student

“Ysella is an artist who makes amazing things happen. Not only a beautiful writer and performer who’ll dig at your skin and provoke your bones, but a platformer of poets, a scouter of talents, a warm, fizzy & funny host, a supporter, collaborator and champion of all things wonderful.”
-Chris White, Poet, Writer, Teacher, Producer