Newsletter May 2023

Hello hello

It’s been a minute since you heard from me because I’ve hit pause on producing events and leading workshops while I’ve been settling into a new day job. But having less time to create has led me to rethink my focus.

No one cares if you write, so you better

Recently I heard writer Anne Lamott say: “It doesn’t matter if nobody else believes in your writing, but it matters if you do. If you’re just picking up your writing after a gap (i.e your life) the voices in your head will tell you that you’ll never get published, that it’s a waste of time, that your story has already been told by writers far more accomplished than you are, besides no one in your family is going to be excited to hear that you’re writing a memoir or taking a 6 month sabbatical from a perfectly good job to finish a novel you started in college. No one cares if you write, so you better.”

And I do care. So, in the margins of my worklife I’m starting work on the book I’ve always promised myself I’d write. I’m in the early stages of planning, the bit where I’m mulling ideas and forms, narrative arcs, structure, thinking about the thinking. I may not know yet exactly what it is that I want to say but I do know that I won’t be happy until I’ve said it. This is the bit where you come in. For me, collaboration in some form, through ideas, reading, talking, as well as reminding each other to keep going, is where the good stuff comes from.

Connection to places, each other and the natural world

Most writers are exercised by a particular theme and for me it’s connection; to places, each other and the natural world. In this occasional newsletter I’ll tell you where I’m up to with the book and the things I’ve discovered along the way. I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts; what are you growing, reading, thinking about?

I’ll be back to producing events at some point, but for now I’ll be using this newsletter to share writing, images and observations about the natural world, books that are firing my imagination and passion for writing and growing and occasional news of creative happenings in the South West region.

Join the conversation

If you do want to come along, that’s fabulous, I’m really pleased to have you with me. Please join in the conversation by getting in touch with me and share this newsletter with anyone you think might have something to say.